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“You gonna do a lot of walking with that pack.
Woman, you crazier than I am!”

James is the first person I meet on the journey as I’m getting off the Greyhound bus in Port Arthur. He tells me he’s lived on the streets for three years now after an eleven year stint in prison for murder, but now he’s on a spiritual quest.

James Berry Jr.
Port Arthur, Texas
September 2012


"This better not end up on Facebook."

A Texas State Trooper questions a car full of activists headed to blockade the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

October 2012


Julia Trigg Crawford at the construction site of the Keystone XL pipeline which crosses her family’s farm. Crawford's land was one of the final links to connect the pipe from Cushing, Oklahoma to Port Arthur, Texas. Although she fought for years to keep the pipeline off her farm, tar sands started flowing January 2014 while her case was still pending with the Texas Supreme Court.

May 2013

  In addition to being filmed by TransCanada's
surveillance crew, helicopter fly-overs occur
two to three times daily during construction of
the Keystone XL on her farm.

Julia Trigg Crawford
May 2013
  Rodeo Cowboy
Okemah, Oklahoma
June 2013

Sherman works in the oil fields servicing wells and
Anisa is a graphic artist. Anisa recounts how the tank farms have been encroaching on her family’s land for years.

With the arrival of the Keystone XL pipeline in Cushing there’s a possibility they will be forced to relocate.

close to Cushing, Oklahoma
June 2013


Melinda and Audrey
close to Stroud, Oklahoma
June, 2013

  Outside CushingRebecca Jane Rodriguez

Darrell Gambill is the caretaker of Dick Tracy
Headquarters at the Historical Museum. Pawnee is
the birthplace of Chester Gould, creator of Dick Tracy

Pawnee, Oklahoma
June, 2013

  Outside CushingRebecca Jane Rodriguez

As I make my way into South Dakota a man rolls over
the hill on an ATV with three adorable kids.

the border of Nebraska and South Dakota,
September 2013

  Outside CushingRebecca Jane Rodrigez Eleven Mile Road

outside of Philip, South Dakota
October 2013

Christian & Cassie Holland knock on my tent while I’m camping on their section line. It’s starting to get cold, and I’m grateful to be invited back to their house where they light a fire in the wood stove.

The next morning Cassie cooks the best breakfast I’ve had in my life, and sends me off with some homemade pumpkin bread.

outside Prairie City, South Dakota
October 2013

  Dwayne Vig readies for a cattle round-up
Opal, South Dakota
October, 2013
  Outside CushingRebecca Jane Rodriguez

Karen Little Thunder and a little one collect plants for a ceremonial blessing of the land where the Northern Keystone XL is proposed.

Native Americans have organized alongside farmers and ranchers against the pipeline in South Dakota and Nebraska. The CIA, The Black Snake, and The Last Man Standing is an essay I wrote which explores this topic further.

outside Colome, South Dakota
September 2013